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Welcome to My Organisational Behaviour. A lot has been written up about Organisational Behaviour, and many theories have been made to try and show us what the whole concept is. On this website you should hopefully get an idea of what it is, and how we use it within management to get the most of of employees and ourselves. At the core this websites provides the much needed definitions which are involved with the subject matter and relevant subjects which are in the same type of area of knowledge. Throughout the website we will provide examples of how you can use the theory in practice, ask questions to keep you thinking and provide easy to follow links so you can build on the knowledge learnt from one page on the next. And of course, if you have any question, please feel free to contact us using the email address at the top of the page, or the easy to fill in form provided here.

Learning Organisational Behaviour

My Organisational Behaviour provides you will all the up-to-date information, definition and theories on the subject, allowing you to learn and revise Organisational Behaviour when you need to.

Get the Books (Amazon)

As well as providing as much information as we can, we have provided a comprehensive page on which books you need to add to your education on Organisational Behaviour. We feel that this website is just a starting point to your education into the subject matter, this website is here mainly as a revision resource, somewhere to quickly get the facts and definitions you will need. The books we link to go into more more detail, providing real life examples and some more in-depth questions. We recommend these books if you would like to delve more into the subject, or you don’t quite understand a certain fact we have presented here.

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The following links are the main pages of the website. Please use these to navigate around the website, we have also provided these links at the top and right hand side of each page so that you always knows where you are.

Enjoy the journey into the world of Organisational Behaviour and Management!